Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Power of Mnephonics!

Mnephonics Logic!

Mnephonics introduces the sounds of letters through real words that are important to the student (favorite words, words found in poems or songs for presentations, student-made sentences...).

Teacher draws the letter w, and then reveals the object name, shape and pure sound...

Teacher "draws" the /w/ as wings as she says: These are really wings…see…

w--- Draw the wings (the letter /w/) and then the head, body and legs

Teacher reinforces the association of the pure sound and the letter/object shape through the action/cue:

"Look at my wings. Listen---can you hear them--- /w/."

[Students and teacher shape their arms into the letter 'w' and make the /w/ sound.]

(NOT wuh, but /w/---almost like a hard /oo/ sound, like wings swooshing)

Teacher takes students into "reading" the letter in real text:
Teacher asks students to look in their texts (books, poem, sentence, magazing article, etc...) for all the "wings" (w). When the students find the wings on a page of their text, they flap their wings, making the /w/ sound!

Teachers are able to cue the sound and shape of wings (w) when a student struggles to read or write the /w/ sound within a word.

The same steps for /e/ and /t/... DRAFT: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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Brooke Hughes said...

This blog looks great and offers many great resources for teachers. I have used Mnephonics in my classroom for 5 years and it is amazing how well it works. My students love it and are performing well above grade-level! Thanks